Jawbone JAMBOX | Worth It?


I recently wrote an article about another Jawbone product, the UP.  Unfortunately, I never wrote a follow-on article because my UP, like with many other users, shorted out and stopped working.  Jawbone took responsibility and offered a full refund or $150.00 credit to their online store.  I opted for the store credit and ordered the item I had been eyeing, the JAMBOX.  My hope is this Jawbone product holds up better than the UP.

Out of the Box


As you can see above, Jawbone spent some time really planning out the packaging of this device.  I was struck by the “That was then, this is now” statement as I lifted the lid.

The device was surprisingly heavy as I took it out of the box for such a small device.  Pairing was a breeze.  Like most Bluetooth devices, flick the switch and put it in pairing mode and do the same with your input device.

The JAMBOX works with my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.  I primarily use it with my computer in the office although I have played a game or two and used the JAMBOX to control the audio.

How does it sound?

Awesome, but with some limitations.  It is not the loudest device in its class, but for what it puts out it may be the smallest.  After reviewing the LG sound bar you cannot get the small form factor and retain all of the sound.  It is loud enough for my office or a room in my house to have music streaming in the background, but do not expect it to replace a Bose surround sound system.  The bass works off reverberation.  When placed on my desk or a table you can hear and feel crisp bass beats.  When you pick it up it looses a little of the deeper sounds.

Is it worth it?

It really is a toss up.  The form factor is gorgeous.  It is sturdy and not at all cheaply made.  The sound does crank but for $200 you can get a larger unit to really put out sound.  It depends on what is important to you.  My JAMBOX sits under my computer stand on my desk and sounds great.  I do not crank it loud because there is no need so it works perfectly for me.  The question you should ask is do you want volume to host a dance party or portability and crisp sound in a small area?


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